Video Celebrates International “Hello My Name Is” Day

Celebrating the late Dr Kate Granger and her campaign to improve the way doctors and nurses introduce themselves to patients.

Staff from wards and departments across Leeds Teaching Hospitals have got together with a video to celebrate a late doctor and her campaign to improve the way doctors and nurses speak to patients.

The video also celebrates the diversity of staff and languages spoken at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, ranging from British Sign Language to French to Zimbabwean dialects Shona and Khalanga.

International “Hello My Name Is” Day celebrates the life of the late Dr Kate Granger, who, in 2013, when as a patient, she observed that many staff did not introduce themselves before delivering care. “Hello My Name Is” was launched to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions.

The events of the last few months mean that introductions to patients have become more important than ever. With facemasks obscuring faces, effective verbal communication is essential. This introduction is the start of a relationship that enables a patient to feel they’re being treated as a person, rather than a diagnosis or a bed number.

Kate sadly died in 2016 aged just 34, but her legacy lives on. “Hello My Name Is” Day takes place on 23rd July – the anniversary of her passing – and is a celebration of Kate and her work in making the patient environment more positive.

Sales of “Hello My Name Is” badges have also raised significant funds for Leeds Cares and St Gemma’s Hospice since their introduction, contributing £97,000 towards fundraising for these causes in Kate’s name – which now stands at over £420,000. We would like to say a huge thank you to Name Badge International and Abalone Graphic for this generous contribution to the “Hello My Name Is” Campaign.