The British Transplant Games: Rosie’s Story

We asked 9 year-old Rosie Fords’ mum Lisa about her family’s experience at the British Transplant Games

“Rosie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in December 2015. Leukaemia is cancer of the white blood cells; because this cancer is particularly aggressive Rosie needed immediate treatment. She began chemotherapy at Leeds Children’s Hospital, and during this intensive treatment doctors told us that Rosie would need a bone marrow transplant.

“Luckily an Italian donor was a match for Rosie! After three rounds of chemotherapy and conditioning chemotherapy Rosie had her transplant in April 2016, and was discharged from the LGI a month later.

“We were thrilled to receive a letter from one of the transplant nurses after Rosie had returned home asking if she would like to take part in the British Transplant Games. We accepted straight away, and Rosie has taken part in the games twice, Scotland 2017 and in Birmingham last year where she represented the Leeds Team!”

Rosie has been selected to represent team GB at the 2019 Transplant Games!

“Rosie has won medals at both of the games she took part in! The Leeds team are so friendly, all of the other families were so welcoming and Lisa Beaumont who manages the team is fantastic.

“It was lovely to see Rosie spending time with children who had been through similar experiences. For us it was great to have other parents to chat to, we all completely understand each other’s ups and downs.

“I would encourage any family that gets the opportunity to go to the transplant games to embrace it completely, after you’ve done it once you’ll definitely want to come back again the next year!

“We are so excited that Rosie has been selected to represent GB at the International transplant games in Gateshead, Newcastle this summer, she has picked athletics as her chosen sport! All of our family and friends are helping us fundraise to make it the best experience possible for everyone. It’s a very exciting year for Rosie!”

About the Leeds Children's Transplant Team

The Leeds Children’s Transplant Team first started 14 years ago and is made possible through donations, fundraisers and volunteers. The team is made up of families all over the North of England whose children have had a transplant at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Leeds Cares supported the Children’s Transplant Team last year and are hoping to raise £45,000 to send transplant children and their families to the Transplant Games this summer through our new Transplant Games Appeal .

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