Privacy – 2. Who we are

Leeds Cares is a charity registered in England and Wales under the powers given in sections 67 and 69 of the Charities Act 2011 (Registration Number 1170369). Leeds Cares is the charity of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT); supporting NHS staff to deliver the best care for patients and their families, by raising funds for equipment, services, education and research.

Leeds Cares has a number of linked charities with whom it shares one set of accounts, a charity number, and a Board of Trustees.  All our linked charities are covered by this Privacy Policy.

2.1 Our linked charities

Below is a description of our linked charities and their charitable purpose.

Leeds Chest Clinic General Purpose Charity:  For any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the National Health Service and in particular but without any limitation, for the services provided by the Leeds Chest Clinic.

Inflammation Group Fund: For any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the rheumatology and arthritis services at Leeds Teaching Hospitals within the National Health Service.

Leeds Children’s Hospital Charity (formerly Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal):  To enhance the care and treatment of children in Leeds Children’s Hospital and to provide equipment for Leeds Children’s Hospital.

Leeds Cancer Centre Charity: To fund specialist medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of cancer; to fund cancer research; and to enhance the care of patients with cancer.

Breast Cancer Research Action Group:  To fund research into breast cancer and the purchase of equipment for the treatment of breast cancer.

Leeds Little Livers – Transplant Games Trust Fund: To support child transplant patients to participate in Transplant Games and events.

Rays of Hope:  To fund and support research into cancer conditions of the liver.

Elsie May Sykes: The income shall be applied for the purchase of medical equipment or to further medical research (but excluding research relating to the transplantation of human organs, human egg cells or human embryos and excluding medical research involving the vivisection of animals) for which no exchequer funds are available for the benefit of the hospitals.

Jeremy Neil Allen:  For the purpose of paediatric oncology research and/or at the absolute discretion of the Trustee for paediatric service (including research) and/or for any other part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals within the National Health Service for the purpose of paediatrics and/or oncology (including research).

Yorkshire Brain Appeal: Research and clinical trials into brain diseases.

Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre: To support the Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre.

Day One: For the benefit of patients of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, and/or the wider National Health Service, and/or the National Health Service in Wales, and/or the National Health Service in Northern Ireland, who have suffered a major trauma, to limit the impact of major trauma and to help patients regain the best quality of life in particular (but not exclusively) through: research into and teaching new methods of surgery and recovery; care for/education of patients and families; purchase of equipment for the care of patients; rehabilitation support; and supporting staff through training and education.