Pint sized barista’s fundraising for local NHS hospitals recognised by Starbucks

8-year-old Maya set up her own 'walk-by' Starbucks to raise funds!

After we shared Maya Dolby’s fundraising efforts online, the eight-year-old was delighted to receive a very special surprise in the post!

Maya was inspired to fundraise after watching Captain Tom Moore on TV and decided to set up her own ‘walk-by’ Starbucks in her garden. Thanks to her efforts, Maya has raised £106 for Leeds Cares to support the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Leeds Children’s Hospital where she was cared for as a baby.

On New Year’s Eve in 2011,mum-to-be Chloe unexpectedly went into labour at just 24 weeks pregnant. Maya weighed just 1lb 3oz and was transferred to Leeds Children’s Hospital where she underwent a heart operation and nine blood transfusions. She was then transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where she had two eye operations.


Maya’s entire family are indebted to the staff on the unit who saved their little girl’s life, Chloe remembers “Every time the phone rang we were preparing ourselves for bad news, we were told that Maya had just a 20 percent chance of survival and she would have life-limiting adjustments.”

A manager of two Starbucks branches in Leeds saw Maya’s fundraising efforts online and clubbed together with a district manager to send her a thank you package, complete with lots of Starbucks goodies, an apron and her very own name badge!


Maya’s mum Chloe said, “Maya was absolutely made up to recognised by Starbucks for her fundraising, it was such a thoughtful gesture from them! It was only recently that Maya started to ask questions about her scars and has begun to understand what happened to her when she was a baby and about the difference the NHS makes, this has really spurred her on to continue supporting her local hospitals!”