Meet Madeline: Leeds Cares Volunteer

Madeline has volunteered in our charity shop for 3 years

Madeline was diagnosed with throat cancer 20 years ago, despite several near-death experiences she miraculously survived. To thank all of the wonderful staff at Leeds Cancer Centre who saved her life, Madeline vowed to come back as a volunteer.

Her volunteer journey began 14 years ago when she became a fundraiser at Cookridge Hospital where she was treated. Then in 2008, when the new Cancer Centre opened Madeline started volunteering to meet and greet patients, before joining Leeds Cares in our charity shop three years ago.

Madeline said, “I just love volunteering in the shop, it’s been so great getting to know all of the patients and families who pop in to chat. One patient even said to me ‘every hospital needs a Madeline! It’s so rewarding knowing that I’m helping raise money to benefit patients at Leeds Cancer Centre.”

Despite having eight back operations, a heart attack and suffering from two strokes Madeline is dedicated to volunteering with Leeds Cares helping raise money to support cancer patients in Leeds.


If you’d like to support Leeds Cares by volunteering for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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