Lois’ Story: taking on Leeds Cares’ China Trek Challenge

Lois works at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and is raising money for three areas close to her heart.

“I joined the trust 4 months ago and at my induction Leeds Cares spoke about the charity and I learnt about how they help support Leeds Teaching Hospitals. I’ve signed up to a few fundraisers in the past, but I’ve never really done anything that really pushed me. I’ve always been really keen to travel but I’d never be able to plan something as adventurous as this!”

“I’ve decided to raise money for three areas. Cardiology is incredibly important within my family, a large of amount of us have familial hypercholesterolemia, luckily not myself. My Grandad had a heart bypass 50 years ago and has had multiple heart attacks since. He has always praised the cardiology department and has received outstanding care as an inpatient and outpatient. The second is Oncology; my Grandad has had several different types of cancer but has always come through. I remember visiting him after his kidney operation and the care he received was amazing. Finally, Neurology. My Dad worked in the Fire Service and suffered a severe brain injury more than 10 years ago when he fell down an inspection pit. He was rehabilitated in Neurology and I remember visiting him and thinking he wouldn’t ever be the same again, thanks to the inpatient and outpatient care from the department my dad is doing extremely well.”

“This challenge is a great way to explore an amazing part of the world, but most importantly it’s raising money for a great charity that does incredible things. Every single person in Leeds has spent at least a day in hospital, from birth to death, and I think it’s an excellent way to give back!”


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If you’d like to take on the challenge of a lifetime and raise money in support of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, join us at our Great Wall of China Trek.