Leeds Cares supports West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s ‘Looking out for our neighbours’ campaign

Over 200 organisations have signed up to pledge their support for the campaign aiming to prevent loneliness and its associated health risks.

‘Looking out for our neighbours’ is a West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership social marketing campaign that aims to prevent loneliness and its associated health risks by encouraging communities to look out for their neighbours.

Leeds Cares is supporting the campaign which hopes to inspire people to engage in simple activities that will positively impact on the wellbeing of their neighbours, helping to prevent loneliness and social isolation in communities today. This could be anything from picking up some shopping, to saying “hello” or even something as simple as giving a wave next time they see their neighbours.

According to research from The Health Foundation (December 2018), social isolation can increase the risk of having a stroke by a third, and older people who live alone are 50% more likely to visit A&E than those who live with others.

The campaign launches today and will run across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. It’s been created with the help of over 100 residents across the region. 30,000 households across West Yorkshire and Harrogate will receive a hand-delivered ‘neighbour pack’ that will include a range of different resources to inspire and encourage residents to champion togetherness in their area and look out for those in need.


Download a helpful neighbour pack for inspiration and resources to help you look out for the people near you: ourneighbours.org.uk