VIDEO UPDATE: Leeds Cares funds vCreate technology for the Neonatal Unit at Leeds Children’s Hospital

UPDATE: vCreate launched on Ward L43!

On Monday 25th March, vCreate technology officially launched on Ward L43, the Neonatal Unit at Leeds Children’s Hospital. Representatives from the vCreate team were in attendance, as well as parents and staff members. Leeds TV spoke to them about the benefits of this technology:

Leeds Teaching Hospitals has become the first Trust in England to use vCreate technology across two hospital sites.

In October 2017, Leeds Teaching Hospitals became the first NHS trust to pilot the vCreate app on one of its Neonatal Units at Leeds Children’s Hospital. Following this successful launch and an influx of positive feedback from families and staff, Leeds Cares has now funded the launch of vCreate technology on the Hospital’s second Neonatal Unit on the other side of the city. This means that Leeds Teaching Hospitals has become the first trust in the England to use this technology across two hospital sites!

vCreate is an NHS trusted secure video messaging app, helping to minimise separation anxiety in parents of children in Neonatal and Paediatric Units. Staff on the unit can use the vCreate app to send parents short videos of their baby when they are unable to be with them.

This new technology aims to help parents stay connected through video updates recorded by nurses in the neonatal unit. Parents and carers simply register a vCreate account where they can easily access the clips at any time and through any device. Then, when the baby goes home, parents can download the clips, and save them to form part of a ‘baby care diary’. This helps to ensure that parents won’t miss out on any special moments in their baby’s care journey.

Vcreate will launch on the Neonatal Unit at the Leeds Children's Hospital later this month.

Dawn Clements, Project Nurse for Family Integrated Care on the Neonatal Unit knows how much the new service means to parents, “Babies on the Neonatal Unit can be admitted to hospital for several weeks or months and parents often have to return to work or care for their other children, so staying with their baby 24/7 is impossible.” Leeds Children’s Hospital has a patient population from across Yorkshire and some parents may have to travel long distances to see their baby. vCreate helps staff capture precious moments for parents who are unable to travel to see their baby every day. The use of video technology like vCreate is proven to benefit preterm infants and to help decrease parental anxiety and depression.

To support the Neonatal Unit at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, you can donate to Leeds Children’s Hospital through Leeds Cares.

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