Leeds Cares funds launch of ‘Beads of Courage’ programme on Paediatric Immunology Ward.

Leeds Cares has funded £5,000 to launch ‘Beads of Courage’ programme


On Monday 10th December the ‘Beads of Courage’ programme, funded by Leeds Cares,  officially launched in the Children’s Immunology Ward at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

This programme has already been widely used across the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and received an incredibly positive response from young patients and their families.

Suzie Preston, Children’s Immunology Nurse Specialist used to work on the Children’s Oncology Ward. She saw the benefits of the ‘Beads of Courage’ initiative first-hand, “the programme has become a really important aspect of the time young people and their families’ spend at Leeds Children’s Hospital.”


Beads of Courage is an internationally renowned programme that first launched in the United States. Each bead has a special meaning attached to it and collecting the beads is a fun activity for children, helping to reduce procedural anxiety.

This new positive coping strategy means that children on the ward will have something tangible to tell people about their experience both during and after treatment.


7 year-old Alfie Haigh suffers from a rare complex auto-immune disease. He has spent almost 5 years having treatment at both Leeds Children’s Hospital and Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.

We asked Alfie’s parents what the launch of programme means to them. They told us, “Alfie sometimes has to come into hospital every two to three weeks. So, having his own ‘Beads of Courage’ is a fun way to reward Alfie for being so brave, and a great incentive to record his treatment journey.”

The Haigh family have set up a  Facebook page  to share Alfie’s journey, raise awareness and to fundraise.


Your donations helped launch the ‘Beads of Courage’ programme on the Paediatric Immunology Ward.

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