How an NCS group project supported Day One Trauma Support

NCS group 'Team Jackman' collaborated with Day One on their autumn project last year

Last year, 10 young people enrolled on the NCS (National Citizen Service) autumn programme decided to collaborate with Day One on their project. ‘Team Jackman’ met Day One peer support volunteers and the Day One Case Worker at the LGI to find out more about the needs of the Day One trauma support service.

Day One is a support service for patients and families affected by major trauma; delivered by Leeds Cares, the official charity partner of Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

The group were truly inspired by the volunteers’ stories and decided to make ‘comfort packs’ for trauma patients. These included all of the essentials – a toothbrush, shampoo, underwear, socks and other toiletries. ‘Team Jackman’ even included incredibly thoughtful messages of support to patients on the major trauma ward in these packs.

The group raised over £250.00 putting on fundraising events at their schools

They planned a number of fundraising events at their schools, including bake sales and raffles. In total, they raised £254.44 between them and spent just over £150 on the packs, choosing to donate the remaining money to Day One.

At the NCS celebration event, Hannan, a member of ‘Team Jackman’ took part in a Q&A. He was asked, “What would be the perfect project you could do at NCS?” and replied, “The one I had was brilliant, it made a tangible impact, I think that supportive initiatives like Day One should be expanded across the world!”

One of the staff members overseeing the group, Jack Moore, Programme Associate Manager with The Challenge, praised Day One for their positive approach to the NCS project. “It was a beneficial experience for everyone involved; without a doubt we will collaborate with Day One and Leeds Cares again in the future!”


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