Update on management of applications during Corornavirus pandemic

Update for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Staff:

Since we announced we were suspending our normal funding application process to focus on Covid-19 urgent requests, £340,000 has been raised and distributed.

This money has paid for things ranging from chalk pens for the children’s hospital to a staff hardship fund to specialist medical equipment.

We have also facilitated £360,000 of Gifts in Kind ranging from bread and chocolate to toiletries. We really appreciate your patience during this time and the many ways you have helped, from sharing our Facebook posts to identifying patients’ stories that enable us to raise further donations, thank you!

From 1st July 2020, our urgent Covid-19 funding process will be closed.

We are working hard to process applications already in the system and develop our online funding application process so that we can go live on 1st September 2020.

If you are a Fund Adviser with an urgent request before 1st September, we would ask you to email to submit your application. However, if you can wait until 1st September, we would really appreciate it.

We are working hard to meet with Clinical Service Units, management teams and Fund Advisers to further develop our policies and processes. We know we can improve how we do things and we would ask for your support as we progress this important piece of work.