Emilie’s Story – Leeds Cares at Christmas

Emilie Austin recently spent Christmas in hospital after undergoing a liver transplant due to a rare form of cancer

With the help of Leeds Cares supporters, we managed to bring a little festive cheer at this difficult time. Emilie’s mum, Becky, said:

“It was just after her second birthday that our daughter Emilie was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Living in Manchester, we were under the care of two hospitals – we got chemotherapy treatment for Emilie locally but had to travel to Leeds to be under the care of a specialist team for the transplant she needed.

It was December when Emilie was given the green light to go ahead and get her transplant so we spent the entire Christmas period back and forth between different hospitals. It really didn’t feel like Christmas to us – all you really want is your baby girl to be well again. That said, when we were at Leeds, the staff went to so much effort, for all of the family, to help us try and enjoy a Christmas together.

From the amazing presents Emilie was given, to the trees, decorations and visits from Santa Claus. All of it provides a great distraction when you’re in hospital with a small child, absolutely terrified about whether or not it might be their last Christmas.

Thankfully for us – because of the amazing NHS care we received – Emilie is now cancer free and a very proud member of the Leeds Children’s Team at the Transplant Games! I’ll never forget the amazing care we were given that Christmas though; it really is the little details that make a big difference.

I’m so grateful to all the people who donated time, money and gifts to us that year – it meant so much to our little family.”

For more information on how we help at Christmas, or how you can get involved, please visit our Christmas page here.