Countess of Wessex Officially Opens New Children’s Hybrid Theatre at Leeds Children’s Hospital

HRH The Countess of Wessex is Patron of Leeds Children’s Hospital

Her Royal Highness Sophie, Countess of Wessex GVCO, Patron, Leeds Children’s Hospital officially opened the new 3TMRi and Hybrid Theatre at Leeds General Infirmary yesterday.  Funded by Leeds Cares and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, this new facility will be used by expert teams at Leeds Children’s Hospital to undertake complex heart and neurosurgical procedures on children and young people, transforming care and treatment for young neurological and cardiac patients in Leeds.

The cardiac hybrid theatre allows cardiac surgeons and cardiologists to perform surgery at the same time which means the skills of both specialists can be employed together, reducing treatment time for patients. The intra-operative MRI scanner allows scans to be done during neurological surgical procedures. This means surgeons will be able to see straight away how much of a brain tumour has been removed rather than scanning at a later date to discover that additional procedures may be required. As a result, young patients will need fewer general anaesthetics, MRI scans and surgical procedures.

David Welch, CEO, Leeds Cares said, “It was a real pleasure to introduce Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex to some of our fundraisers and supporters.We’re extremely excited that the Children’s MRI and Cardiac Hybrid Suite is now officially open; this operating theatre is a fantastic example of what can be done when caring people come together to achieve something wonderful.Thanks to donations given to Leeds Cares, children and young people from across Yorkshire will continue to receive exceptional healthcare, right here at Leeds Children’s Hospital.”

The new theatre suite links directly to existing theatres in Clarendon Wing thanks to work undertaken by BAM construction who have been a valued corporate supporter over the last year, supporting Leeds Children’s Hospital by choosing Leeds Cares as their ‘Charity of the Year’.