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Day One

Day One is dedicated to limiting the impact of major trauma for patients and families in Leeds, Yorkshire and across the UK.

Day One is a support and signposting service for patients and families impacted by major trauma. The service is funded and delivered by the charity Leeds Cares, in partnership with patients, families, clinicians, hospital Trusts and other organisations. Day One was established by patients for patients to address complex non-medical needs and challenges that may arise following a major trauma.

Our aims are to:

  • Deliver an exceptional Model of Trauma Support
  • Work in partnership to limit the impact of trauma, aid recovery and support adjustment and rehabilitation following major trauma
  • Engender a strong sense of community among trauma survivors and their families
  • Enable education and training for patients, families and clinical staff
  • Identify and promote research and development locally, regionally and nationally

“We know it’s not easy, we know it won’t be fixed overnight, but the right support from Day One can help you through.”

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