Urgent Equipment Appeal


Leeds Neonatal Unit urgently need a new incubator to give premature babies like Mohammed (right) the best chance of survival.

There is currently an urgent need for a new Baby LEO incubator in the maternity ward. Our current incubators are old and often break down and need repair. This puts new-borns at increased risk. This state-of-the-art hybrid incubator would be used for premature babies.

Read the letter from Dr Lawrence Miall who explains why his team need these machines and how coronavirus has made this so urgent.

Simply put these incubators save lives – they provide the best technology and the best care for the smallest babies. If it was your wife, daughter, friend or neighbour giving birth, wouldn’t you want to know that your local hospital had the best possible equipment?

Each incubator costs £23,843.63. This is a lot of money, but if it saves just one babies life then it will be worth every penny.

Is this something you could help with today?

Of course, the request for a new incubator is one of hundreds of applications for funding that we receive every year. Your donation will be used where it is needed most to help respond to urgent requests like this one.

Just think what a difference you can make. If 1000 people could give just £23.84 each then we’d be able to get this new incubator before Christmas.

Wouldn’t this be amazing news for pregnant mums across the city?

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