Limax Laser Appeal

Leeds Cares are supporting staff and patients to purchase a brand new ‘Limax laser’, a vital tool for removing tumours through surgery.


Who will it help?

The Limax laser will primarily be used on patients with thoracic cancers (those with tumours in the lung or airway). It is estimated that the new laser could be used to benefit 120 patients every year.

What is a Limax laser?

The Limax laser is a small but extremely precise hand-held device that can be used by surgeons to perform endobronchial treatment – the removal of blockages from the lungs or airway. It can also be used to cut and seal cancerous tissues of varying sizes. The equipment needed costs £167,000.

Why is it needed?

Currently, surgery to treat throracic cancers is performed via traditional methods using scalpels to cut away growths and tumours. Healthy tissue is often affected and surgical stents & staples have to be used to keep the organs functioning.

The laser will offer a new, modern way to perform these surgeries that creates huge benefits for patients.

“I really don’t think I’d be here now if it wasn’t for the team at Leeds using this laser.”

41 year-old John, a lung-cancer patient from Grimsby, had surgery using the laser in 2016. He said, “It gave my family hope for the future and meant I was able to have more surgeries and further treatment if needed.”


For more information on what difference this equipment will make for patients, download an information leaflet:


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